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Behind your touch kdrama

BBehind your touch:Is Kdrama behind your touch worth watching?

Most people have this expectation before viewing a drama, but trust me this one is very amazing in terms of comedy and storyline. Before watching the first episode, I also wondered if it would get boring after two episodes, in which case I wouldn’t watch it. Having seen a lot of dramas, I’ve discovered that this is my personal favourite since it’s a thriller and comedy all the way to the very end. Whether you believe it or not, your mind will be left wondering who the killer is everyone, that is, except for the primary lead actor and actress. It’s well worth your time to see this amazing drama. Where should you watch Behind Your Touch? You can only see it on Netflix, so if you want to watch, go ahead and do so.

After reading this story, I’m sure you will find the drama interesting and worthwhile to watch the episodes according to my viewpoint.

How many episodes are in behind your touch? 16 episodes are there in behind your touch.

All Episodes Summary of Behind your touch

Episode 1:- A meteor shower in a slumbering village gives Bong Ye-bun cosmic insight, while Moon Jang-yeol finds thrill in his new police post. Their paths cross in the midst of urban mysteries and cosmic abnormalities. In the midst of the uncertainty, they create an unusual friendship as they work together to reveal the remarkable in the ordinary.

Episode 2:- Ye-bun encounters a stunning vision in the middle of yet another dilemma, which adds to the mystery surrounding her recent discovery of a gift. While all of this is going on, Jang-yeol is working nonstop to find a case that will spark his adventurous spirit. He is searching every area of the town for a hint of excitement among the everyday.

Episode 3:- After getting kicked out by Jang-yeol, Ye-bun sets out on a risky quest to discover the truth. But those closest to her are puzzled by her daring adventures since they don’t know when to call it courage or carelessness, prompting them to wonder how she came to be so determined.

Episode 4:- Pushing Ye-bun to her limits, Jang-yeol puts her through intense trials in an attempt to solve the next big case. But Ye-bun’s abilities mysteriously fade during a strength-training session, raising questions about their techniques. A critical test of their union lies ahead, and they must manage the delicate balancing act between ambition and vulnerability.

Episode 6:- Jang-yeol investigates a puzzling case of disappearing underwear that leaves the area confused. They solve clues that lead to an unexpected conclusion with Ye-bun’s help. However, in the middle of their cooperation, Ye-bun discovers an unexpected violation that disrupts the basis of trust they have established. The shift in ties adds to the curiosity.

Episode 5:- Ye-bun sets off on an adventure of self-discovery and questions the forces that have created her destiny as she struggles with uncertainties over her grandfather’s intentions. In search of explanations, she enlists Jang-yeol’s assistance in investigating a case of animal mistreatment, making a risky conflict for his help solving her own family mystery. Their partnership creates a complex web of secrets and redemption that linked fate and justice.

Episode 7:- After an incident, Jang-yeol is motivated to seek justice and works nonstop to find the offender. In the meantime, Ye-bun, troubled by a vision, discovers a startling image that threatens to shatter reality. They confront the darkness that hides within their community as their paths cross in the middle of crisis, each battling their own demons in the pursuit of the truth and closure.

Episode 8:- After an unexpected shamanic ceremony, the town goes into a frenzy, immersed in both contemporary confusion and ancient customs. In the midst of the chaos, Jang-yeol and Ye-bun continue to look into a missing person case, stumbling over the indistinct boundaries between modernity and tradition in order to uncover the truth that has been hidden from view.

Episode 9:- A seemingly selfless deed takes a sinister turn, putting Ye-bun in danger. Jang-yeol stands by her side with her back to the wall as they set out on a risky quest to face a terrible enemy. Together, they forge dangerous roads in their never-ending search for atonement and meet danger head-on.

Episode 10:- Jang-yeol and Ye-bun strategically seek the aid of important town residents in order to obtain vital information. But in the middle of their work, Ye-bun has a terrifying flashback that completely shakes her. The boundaries between reality and falsehood become more hazy as they dig more, and Ye-bun’s chilling revelation poses a threat to everything they previously believed to be true.

Episode 11:- As Ye-bun analyses her mother’s unexplained death further, shocking new information comes to light that reveals long-kept secrets. All over the neighbourhood, suspicion is growing as the hunt for the criminal gets more intense. In the compelling quest for justice and resolution, every individual is made a possible suspect as secrets are revealed and trust is broken.

Episode 12:- Ye-bun looks to Jang-yeol for support and direction as she navigates her turbulent search for the truth about her past in an attempt to find clarity and comfort. But when political allegiances change and uncertainty increases, an unanticipated enemy appears, testing Ye-bun’s determination. She approaches her grandfather in response to growing pressure and fraud, wanting to discover the mysteries that have troubled her for so long.

Episode 13:- During a horrific incident, Ye-bun struggles with loss and grief and goes into deep mourning. In the meantime, Jang-yeol is resolute in the search of justice and with the objective of identifying the real person responsible for the horrific deed. Jang-yeol’s intuition makes him suspect someone else even though the police have identified a prime suspect. This leads to a relentless search for the truth within an underground network of dishonesty and betrayal.

Episode 14:- When a shocking turn of events shatter their presumptions, Jang-yeol and Ye-bun’s efforts to find their suspect fail as they race against time. But in the middle of the confusion, Ye-bun finds an unexpected piece of information that helps to solve the riddle. They continue, negotiating the maze of peril and deceit as they search for the elusive truth with renewed energy.

Episode 15:- A terrible loss destroys the relationship between Ye-bun and Jang-yeol, leaving Ye-bun apprehensive and disconnected. However, her perception transforms when she uncovers the reality behind their difficult journey. A new threat surfaces just as they are beginning to come to terms with the case, which puts their determination to the test and forces them to face unanticipated obstacles.

Episode 16:- Ye-bun and Jang-yeol are forced to make a risky and brave choice as a possible disaster approaches. However, as they move, their opponent reacts with surprising intelligence, setting up the ultimate high-stakes plan. Ye-bun and Jang-yeol must beat their opponent in a gripping contest of wits and wills with limited time and increased stakes.

Because I want you to watch and cherish every moment and the hidden characters in the drama, I do not mention any chatracters in the story telling. I’m excited to see you in the next story.


Same question asked by everyone, Who is the real killer in behind your touch? The true murderer in the narrative is Park Jong-bae.








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