King The Land: Goo Won and Cheon Sa Rang’s Journey

KING THE LAND: korean drama

 King The Land Korean drama series a world of wealth and power, where conflicts over inheritance and workplace biases are common, Goo Won and Cheon Sa Rang’s love story unfolds delicately.


King the land

Goo Won, with his brilliance and charm, finds himself caught in an inheritance battle revolving around the prestigious King Group’s assets, including the luxurious King of the Land business lounge. Despite his intelligence, he struggles in matters of the heart, particularly when it comes to recognizing genuine emotions amidst the facade of social niceties.

In contrast, Cheon Sa Rang’s sincere smile brightens the world around her. She cherishes her childhood memories at the King Hotel, where she now works. However, she faces workplace prejudices and misunderstandings that challenge her daily.

Amidst the chaos, Goo Won and Cheon Sa Rang find solace in each other’s company. Goo Won, who despises artificiality, is drawn to Cheon Sa Rang’s genuine warmth. Meanwhile, Cheon Sa Rang, though facing workplace challenges, finds comfort in the moments they share together.

Their love becomes a source of strength as they navigate through their respective struggles. Despite the inheritance battles and societal pressures, they stand united, finding joy in simple gestures and shared laughter.

Their story highlights the resilience of love amidst adversity. It’s a reminder that genuine connections can transcend the barriers imposed by wealth and prejudice. As Goo Won and Cheon Sa Rang continue their journey, their love remains a beacon of hope, illuminating even the darkest of times with the promise of a brighter future.

This is the short Summary of whole story of King The Land all episodes also described in short below u must know, what is the story of this kdrama its worth or not?


How many episodes are there in King The Land?

There are 16 episodes in king the land drama series streaming on Netflix. Each episodes describe in short that make u exited to watch this drama which is full of comedy , romance and lot of  emotions here are the following:-

1 Episode

As Cheon Sa Rang begins her work at the King Hotel, she encounters difficulties. Even with bumps here and there, she perseveres with a smile. Goo Won, meanwhile, is having difficulty adjusting to the family business and navigating the complexities of the corporate world. As they work through their separate challenges and find comfort and encouragement in one another’s company, their paths cross. Together, they discover how to overcome challenges and welcome the adventure ahead, embracing the unknown with courage and love.

2 Episode

Sa Rang and Won have a rough first meeting and don’t get along. However, destiny has other ideas. When they finally travel together, Sa Rang opens up to Won about her problematic relationship with her lover. Won is having trouble figuring out where he fits within the family business. In spite of their early difficulty, they come to understand and rely on one another. Together, they forge a bond that gets stronger with every shared experience as they travel through life’s ups and downs.

 3 Episode

Sa Rang opens out to Won during their uncomfortable journey, showing her fragility. He listens intently and provides encouragement and comprehension. In the meantime, Won struggles to establish himself in the industry and encounters resistance from his family. Despite the difficulties, Sa Rang’s openness strengthens their relationship by bringing them closer. Sa Rang is commended for her tenacity while Won struggles with pressure from her family. They learn to overcome life’s challenges together by spending comfort and support in each other’s presence as a result of their common experiences.

4 Episode

As Won discovers newfound feelings for Sa Rang, she starts her new job, bringing them closer. Despite initial       awkwardness, they bond over shared experiences. Meanwhile, Won faces family opposition. Through challenges   and closeness, their connection grows, offering solace and support in their intertwined journeys.

 5 Episode

Won’s unexpected efforts to draw closer to Sa Rang leave her puzzled. Meanwhile, he disapproves of her work         duties. Confusion and tension arise as they navigate their differing views. Despite the misunderstandings, their          journey together unfolds, with each step revealing more about themselves and each other.

6 Episode

As Sa Rang faces a tough time, Won rushes to her side. Their days together bring them closer. Eventually, Won       gathers the courage to ask her a significant question, marking a pivotal moment in their journey together.

7 Episode

Despite Sa Rang’s hesitation, Won persists in his courtship. However, their budding romance faces a challenge       when a prince visits the hotel, vying for Sa Rang’s attention and sparking a competition between him and Won.

8 Episode

The prince throws a lavish party for Sa Rang, igniting Won’s jealousy. Determined to win her over, Won invites       Sa Rang on an extravagant date, leaving no stone unturned to impress her and show his affection.

9 Episode

After their special night, Won and Sa Rang figure out their relationship. They face a challenge: winning the              approval of someone important to Sa Rang. They navigate through this, learning about each other along the            way. It’s like a journey through twists and turns in their love story.

10 Episode

Won plans a trip abroad for Sa Rang and her friends, but he finds it hard to spend time alone with her.                     Eventually, he shares his past with her, opening up his heart. It’s a tale of longing for closeness amidst the                hustle and bustle of adventure.

11 Episode

With much at stake, Won takes on the challenge of managing the hotel’s 100th anniversary. Meanwhile, Sa               Rang encounters an employee who might have answers about Won’s past. As they delve into the mysteries,               they realize the significance of the journey ahead.

12 Episode

As Won and Gu Hwa-ran ponder the future of King Group, Sa Rang and Won’s bond grows stronger.                         Suddenly, an unexpected visitor disrupts their peace, shaking things up. Together, they face the challenge,               weaving their way through uncertainty and forging ahead into the unknown.

13 Episode

Tense moment puts Sa Rang and Won in an awkward spot. Meanwhile, Won gears up to present his future                plans to his family. It’s a crucial juncture where decisions are weighed against familial expectations, setting             the stage for what lies ahead in their journey.

14 Episode

Won and Sa Rang scramble to fix things after Hwa-ran’s sabotage. Amidst the chaos, Sa Rang gets a serious              request from Won’s father. It’s a test of their resilience as they navigate through family dynamics and                       unexpected challenges, determined to emerge stronger together

15 Episode

While visiting Sa Rang’s new place, Won bumps into someone from his past. This encounter stirs up                          memories, prompting Won to make a significant choice about the hotel branch. It’s a moment of reflection               and decision-making, intertwining past and present in their journey forward.

16 Episode

After delaying his plans to accommodate Sa Rang, Won approaches her with a question. This prompts Sa                 Rang to finally make a decisive choice about her future. It’s a pivotal moment as they navigate their paths                 forward, intertwining their destinies in the tapestry of life.

Watching King The Land is all about romance of two struggling people turned into making their dreams true and end of the conflicts upon misunderstanding. its really a good kdrama i dont even felt boring for once because its full of comedy and romantic music.


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