Queen of Tears 2024 Review, Plot, Cast, and More!

Queen of tears

Looking for a K-drama with heart, humour, and highstakes corporate drama? Look no further than “Queen of Tears” Korean drama! This gripping series immerses you in the hectic life of Hong Hae-In, an heiress battling amnesia during a hostile takeover of her family’s corporation.

But wait, there’s more! Hae-In isn’t alone in this fight. Enter Baek Hyun-Woo, her brilliant ex-husband, who reignites a spark of their past love while offering unwavering support. As they navigate a web of cutthroat rivals and hidden agendas, the question remains: can their rekindled romance survive the corporate battlefield?

Summary: Queen of Tears

In the opulent world of Queens Group, a storm was brewing. Hong Hae-In, the once-iron-fisted heiress, found herself adrift after a mysterious surgery left her with a fractured memory. Separated from her childhood sweetheart, Baek Hyun-Woo, a brilliant lawyer with a heart of gold, Hae-In faced a double blow. A hostile takeover loomed large, orchestrated by the enigmatic Yoon Eun-Seong. His intentions were as shrouded as his past, and his grudge against Hae-In’s family burned with an unsettling intensity.

Eun-Seong became Hae-In’s twisted puppeteer, manipulating her with the threat of harm to her loved ones. Blinded by amnesia and burdened by the weight of her family’s legacy, Hae-In stumbled through this corporate labyrinth. Hyun-Woo, unable to sever the ties of love, became her unlikely champion. Together, they navigated a treacherous landscape, unearthing hidden agendas and battling cutthroat rivals. As they fought side-by-side, a spark flickered between them, reigniting the embers of their past love. A drunken confession from Hyun-Woo sent tremors through Hae-In, but could their love truly blossom amidst the ashes of betrayal and corporate warfare? Meanwhile, Eun-Seong, humiliated by Hae-In’s public defiance, plotted his revenge. His true motives and his past with Queens Group remained a tangled web of secrets. Would Hae-In reclaim her memories and her birthright? Would Hyun-Woo and Hae-In find solace in rekindled love? The fate of Queens Group, and the hearts of its players, hung precariously in the balance. Only the remaining episodes of Queen of Tears held the answers.


“Queen of Tears” combines corporate intrigue and second-chance romance in a compelling way. As the resolute Hae-In, Kim Ji-Won excels as she fights against brutal takeover attempts and forgetfulness. Kim Soo-Hyun complements her ever-supportive ex-husband Hyun-Woo with charm and nuance. You are captivated by their irresistible chemistry and want to see them rediscover love. The drama keeps you riveted to the screen by deftly balancing humorous moments with thrilling turns. “Queen of Tears” is a must-watch if you’re searching for a K-drama with a shrewd female lead, a heartfelt romance, and a hint of mystery!

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